More restrictions to come

It will be more restrictions in Paris based on the Corona virus, LINK, but will it be the right one?

I do not believe for a second that less people will be infected in groups of 1000 than 5000, no alcohol after 20h00 – when most people must crowd up in public transports to get too and from work.

If anything, and I said it before, leave the Metro and buses to people in need of going to work cause they have no chance to work from home and all others should work from home, not like now when offices force their staff back even if they can work perfectly well from their homes. They done it without a problem since March up until May – June.

I say this the last day home working for this week, and its not in the office its unsafe, its going there and back, so lets see what Olivier Vèran comes up with, it’s not enough to be pretty you see.


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