Morning in Paris

Open the window and look out at a new wonderful day in Paris and we are still under lock down. It’s not as warm outside as it was last week but still it’s sunny and the air is crisp and clear. Amazing. All whilst we sit inside watching our walls etc and find new things to renovate after the lock down is over, well aware that all the plans most likely wont happen.

We also start to look like hairy muppets, no chance for a hair cut, back wax (me) or any other wax for others. I guess the hairy armpits, legs and in some cases other hairy body parts will stay in their natural way.

But I really need to check if the dentist is open, cause now my treatment is one month late and based on the problem I have and the infection in the bone I must do it every third month. Already to expensive to start the final treatment and with this it will must likely be even more expensive. To keep in mind that my little angel on my shoulder telling me that. The devil have a party and scream that this is fantastic, my panic to go to the dentist pushes into the future. The angel respond, and create more panic when its finally time.

In any case I don’t know if the dentists keep open now, I heard the Swedish is closed cause the lack of alcohol gel and face masks, I have no idea of the situation in France with a larger lack of face masks.

The dentist is also far away so I guess it’s not too popular to go there if not taking a taxi.

Tomorrow I will try to give some new insights what you really need at home if there is a confinement coming up. Things I had no idea I would miss.


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