Morning workout

I started the week with the new “try to change my training schedule” regime. So up early and do the workout before work. And what work out perfectly during weekends and when I work from home is a struggle knowing I have to stress home and go to work after.

Today I really could have done 90 minutes, fresh legs, but with a deadline to be able to get to work in time it’s a no.

At the same time, going to work by bike in rush hour takes me around double the time from earlier departure from home. So no time saving at all doing it this way.

As promised I will now, today, update the weekly covid cases in France for the last time and only talk about it if there is any changes worth noticing. Cause we have reached a place in the Covid pandemic where there is few changes in the daily reports.

With that, have a nice day, week and don’t give up


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