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Fabrizio Faniello – Unexpected

Fabrizio Faniello

New Album: April 2018 “Unexpected”

En recension kommer, men just nu är det dagens albumtips. Finns på de flesta nedladdningssidor,

Now its been a few days since “Unexpected” been on download platsforms as well as on physical CD and let me first say if it is your first encounter with Fabrizio Faniello the album will provide you with a good overview of who Fabrizio is today, 2018.

If you followed Fabrizio from pre-“Another summer night” this album won’t bring much news to the table. Only 5 songs are “new” to a real Fabrizio fan, the rest have been released as downloads before this release and thats, to be honest, is a bit of a disappointment when you get that news. An EP with the 5 new songs and 2 pre-released “new” once might have felt more as a new release for the hard core fans.

But the album include three really good once:

The title track “Unexpected” together with “Its you” and “Want it all, I want it now” will keep Fabrizio on the Playlists during 2018, at least in my home.

Unexpected track list. Fabrizio Faniello Malta
Unexpected track list. Fabrizio Faniello Malta








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