Never give a New Year Resolution

I usually never give a New Year Resolution but at least I tried to think positive when opening my bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut on New Years eve and decided that 2020 will be the year when I don’t higher my blood pressure with things I actually can’t do anything about.

Things in 2019 I was more upset by than what was good for me: Greta Thunberg, The Paris Strike, The closure of Le P’tit Boulevard, Ligne 13 at the Metro, Really stupid Eurovision Fans, The fees for Dentists, the fact that HR can’t explain all the deductions done on the pay slip, the pay slip never arrive on, for me, time, the Afghan immigrant problem so over the top badly handled by the Swedish Government and the fact that the Afghans end up in camps in Paris… Yes, there was a lot of things in 2019 taking up energy and time.

But this resolution, now 8 days old, cracked like the mirror in the Agantha Christie thriller. The strike gives me cerebral haemorrhage and Greta Thunberg keeps annoy me une masse (but I have managed to not blog, tweet or scream on Facebook about it so far this year).

Ligne 13, as someone said in the beginning of the French strike, “Who knew we would miss ligne 13!” – and that is true… Who knew?

But I know I have some huge decisions, far from New Years resolutions made in a fog of Madame Ponsardin special lemonade, in front of me this year, most likely you will notice it when we get there.

Until then I keep on counting minutes it takes to get to work and back home from work. So far an “easier” ride in the mornings than trying to get home. I will try to send bill to Macron for lost hours when the strike is over, cause he is obvious more interested in whats going on in Australia than in the Country he is supposed to Govern.

Have a nice day


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