New test done

So, it took a bit over 1 hour and 15 minutes in the rain before I even got in to the test place this morning, and then a new waiting area before test which took around 1 minute.

I wonder, I often wonder, what people are doing when it’s their turn… Today at the test place, what did the guys before do in there for 5- 10 minutes for a nose swab?

At the post office, in the line to get a package, how can it take 2 minutes for me and 20 for the person in front of me? Lifes little mysteries.

Result expected tomorrow, and if it’s still positive I go crazy, actually I will regret doing the tests and ask myself “Why did you not go out after the first 10 days”? Cause according to the rules, as they are now, I could go out after 10 days without new tests. But I am happy to have the doctors appointment on the 3rd.

Do you also remember when Olivier told us that no restrictions will be lifted until we were under 5000 cases a day. Now we are up to 179807 and everything is open… Of course, and thanks heaven, it’s cause of the vaccine and less really sick people. But still… Also 14 days sick leave have a huge impact on the economy (and a lockdown will have a huge impact on next years election of course).


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