No – stop working

We all have them, the days when you just don’t have it in you… To work. And this morning is really such a day, every fiber in my body scream “don’t give a shit, go home”.

It’s tough even to think of reading a lot of papers I have to read, and if I don’t read them today I have to do it tomorrow. Believe me even that sound like a dream this morning. All most likely cause we getting there, winter… Depressing.

And yesterday was “Cinnamon bun” or “Cinnamon roll” day in Sweden, and halfway back home I decided to go to the Swedish store in Paris and buy Cinnamon rolls. It was closed… So now, even if I’m not that into it, the only thing on my mind is cinnamon rolls. Most likely, if it’s not raining later on, I will take my bike there again and see of they have any. And at the same time buy more Räkost.


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