Not a good start

Woke up in time to hit the gym the 2 last days they are open, even made sure yesterday to ask about the upcoming days and got the answer the Gym will close 20h00 on Sunday.

So a huge surprise when I “blipped” my card at the door and got a text message telling me they closed caused by the new Corona restrictions. If they can be that fast sending an sms when using the card I guess an sms or email to their clients on the fact they close might have been a really good customer service?

Let’s hope we get one when they open up again. And since this is force majeure there is no payback on the monthly fee, so I suggested on their Instagram to give a water bottle to their clients when they open again. Yes I know, I am a bitch.

In any case, I took a power walk outside instead, its cold, today was a really cold day so I decided not to take a glass of wine outside, I stay at home with a new Grenache rosé, both trying a new brand and also the new ice maker I have, it’s called “Icebreaker” and was around 14 euros more expensive than an normal icetray. Let me say it was not worth it. The vibes to small and 12 did not fill one glass. Bad choice….

I will buy normal trays from now on.

I also introduced for the first time 2020 my electric heater, a room heats up faster now, but it will soon be on 24/7 and cost me 60 euros extra electricity each month. The environment movement will hate me forever, sorry…


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