Not again

Yes it happens, now and then you watch a TV show from Italy, France or Spain and the espresso maker ou can see in the picture is used over and over. This time I watch the amazing “Il Processo” on Netflix, from 2019. And this coffee maker is used a few times. I have one… And I like the coffee when using it so it’s not a question about the taste of the beverage, it is how it works back home and on film.

In the movies they take the device of the heater with there bare hands, please, in real life do not try that, it’s hot, really HOT, not only the coffee the complete thing is hot.

When pouring the coffee, again with there bare hands, no coffee ends up outside the cup, in real life when you start to pour the first drops will end up more or less all over beside where it is supposed too.

So what is the secret? Is this something the South Europeans just are born with, to manage this thing? Or is it like a friend just told me, a special effect in all South European films and tv shows?

Buy one and try yourself, with oven gloves.


For once Sweden is popular in Trump land. I look forward to see the Swedes reactions since they normally say no to everything Trump followers like… Will they admit to the mistake in the pack immunity idea?

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