Not even a week yet

So now we have been locked in for less than a week and I am not good at this, and its really stupid cause it’s not like I do much in a normal world – but now just knowing i can’t go out makes me going nuts.

So what happen so far? We work from home, so it’s really hard to relax when you sit at home looking at the computer and knowing you might be able to answer some more emails. I don’t like to make my home my working place. So to handle this I log out, hide the work computer and completely turn of the work phone.

But still, I don’t even care to use my private computer in the evenings cause it all of a sudden feels like work. It’s all in my head.

And the only thing I can watch is the court yard, see picture, and really…. Wish I had a street view. Maybe someone passes by now and then so the brain gets some stimuli?

Looking at the court yard picture I can share that yesterday someone took the balcony singing to a new level and window sang. So my message to the world right now is that please don’t if you can’t sing…


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