Not much to report

Not much to report really, it’s Monday and it kind of only reminds most of the world that its 5 days ahead before life starts again.

But I can tell you all I finally sat down to watch the After Darks show “This is it” on SVTPlay. Where After Dark wrapped up their career since the 70th and went out with a bang.

And it was a really good an worthy ending for the group even if not many of the original members still in the group.

If you have some time over watch the show on SVT Play.

And i then noticed that After Dark released an album last year with some of the songs from the “This is it” show, downloaded it but missed one song, the beautiful song about all the members of the group no longer with us on earth. A dignified and serious number within all the glitter and gala. I hope to find that song somewhere in the future.


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