Not the best day ever

Not a fantastic day on the exercise front, after 10 minutes my legs hurt so bad it was almost impossible to take a step, so I did my round very slowly, no power walk at all, so I will take one more turn later today to at least get a pulse. But shit my legs hurt.

And as I said before I start to plan for the return to office when I really have to, and it include to find a gym so I can do the 60 minute work out either before work or after work, as well during winter. Found a place close to home “KeepCool” and sent them an email so o course they phoned me back during my very painful walk and want to schedule a meeting.

The place looks good on their website, its fairly close to home and not science fiction expensive so I might sign up, we will see after the meeting.

But still, right now my legs refuse to take me anywhere


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