O la la

Normally time fly, but not in Corona times. Day after day looks the same. Routines, new routines, form under the mighty name of confinement. The new God is named Macron and the new campfire is 20h00 when neighbours open their windows clapping, if not reveal an alcohol addiction and sing opera without being asked to. 2020 is not the year really.

One thing I Tweet, post and write at least a few times every year is the fact that it’s not dangerous to be bored from time to time. It’s good for the human to be bored and not have anything to do between all the activities we try to fill our free time with. But even I must say that we soon reached the limit of boredom.

My mind has already gone into the mood of vacation planning. I need sun, beach and Morocco. I also need to loose weight, more now than ever, this is not good. I must plan for the dentist and what to do when I must have my new prescription, can my doctor send a new one? And don’t mention that I am in need of new glasses again. I have again reached the point when my sight is as bad with my glasses as it was without them when I got them.

But here I am, together with many many French people and colleagues home working, now with two computers. Work computer and private computer, one with music and one with emails and folders.

And remember that we work from home:

Have fun peeps


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