Oh no!

Yesterday, on TT (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå ) the following catched my eye, “The Netherlands prolong their lock down until 1st of June”. Taste that my friends, 1st of June 2020. It’s March right now, I have been under lock down for 1 week today and I go crazy.

I repeat that normally I don’t do much. I don’t go out and eat every day, walk in the parks, happenings etc so this is kind of normal. But just to know you can’t do it makes it much worse.

Eurovision been cancelled 2020 and now the Olympics will be postponed, ALL the god things with 2020 is not officially gone. And let me remind you that we said that 2019 was a bad bad year, and in January we said that 2020 will be better. New friends, really try to learn French, maybe even a date or two… 2020 will for sure be worse than 2019, this is something I won’t forget.

And my almost three weeks of vacation I have from 2019, planned for May will most likely stay in the vacation account but for sure i will go for it when we can, all three weeks, only sand, sea and sun and get totally burned…


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