About me

First name: Björn
Born: 1964, Norrköping, Sweden
Living: In Paris
Living history:
1964 – 1979: Norrköping, Sweden
1979 – 2015: Stockholm, Sweden
2015 – Present: Paris, France
Civil state: Single

Now living in Paris the idea behind developing a website and a blog came up when I tried to update friends and family in Sweden (and other places) on my daily life. It takes time… A website and a blog will be the hub where you all can follow my life together with some pages on special interests like music, eurovision and melodifestivalen.

The template I decided to use for this website works best when you use a smart phone or a tablet, the big screen option works well but not as nice as for the portable devices.

I started with the site in March 2018 and it will take some time to fill it with content, especially the special pages so please treat the site with some patient.