The world gone crazy

Not enough with whats happening in the Middle East between Gaza and Israel, now it is hunting season on Swedes in Europe. Can anyone say anything else beside the fact that this is crazy, mental and a world with ADHD without any drugs.

I have always been sure there will be a third world war, but never thought it would start during my lifetime. But now, who knows? Where are we heading?

As said, crazy.


Winter is back

First day biking to work with gloves and a scarf and double clothing, which turned out to be “not enough”. And as always at work, the place has the same temp as outside. It is amazing really.

Last Friday, I missed the “Friday 2 Friday” so I publish it today instead.

Friday2Friday – Songs

Friday2Friday Albums

Friday2Friday – Artists

Don’t live as they do in Gaza, live in peace.


Finally, the work week is over

Nice TGIF on all of you, the work week is soon over and today I only noticed 2 flat pigeons on the way to work. On the down side it is a French team Rugby game today, so we need to park our bikes outside the closed area around the “Rugby Village” at Place de la Concorde.

Today the world also woke up to a new release by Army of lover’s. Life IS wonderful! Superb little tune.

And of course, no TGIF without the Friday to Friday most played songs on Spotify. Yes, Most played at my house, not global. People do not have that much good taste as I do.

Friday 2 Friday – Songs

Friday 2 Friday – Artists

Friday 2 Friday – Albums

With this very important update I bid you a Nice weekend, and publish, for you all, the cover of the remix single by John Duff.


The crash game

The crash game is not at all as funny now when the electric rental scooters banned in Paris. The chances to get points is not much much lower. So I might add dead flat pigeons into the game. Using the bike you see a few every day, but this morning it was a massacre of run over pigeons, all the from the 17th to the 8th district. And as a fact, even on a bike you sometimes really close to hit one of those stupid birds. Can’t be easy to be a bird that stupid in a huge city.


Last day of the workweek

So finally there, a week full of work, travel, UN meeting, blisters on the left foot and most likely some KG up in weight because missed out gym time (when I was in Geneva). Lovely!

But TGIF, always a plus.

We start with the second single from Agnetha’s “A+” album, soon to be released.

Honestly don’t know what to say…. But to me it sound a bit like when you put a beat on using a online tool, and then add the lyrics by singing yourself. Not very impressed I’m must say, not bad! Not saying that, but not so impressed either.

Then of course we have our “Friday to Friday” charts. Most played songs, albums and artists this week, Friday to Friday.

Artists – Friday to Friday

Songs – Friday to Friday

Albums – Friday to Friday

With that, enjoy your TGIF, and I will soon get back to normal and explode a bit over the fact that yesterday traffic in Paris went mental.