Paperwork, done!

As said in an earlier post my VISA card been hacked last week and someone out there having the time of their life’s, travel the world on my expense. Flight tickets and tax-free perfume.

Both I and the Bank said the same thing… How stupid are people to buy flight tickets, you have names on them – so I have a feeling it’s not that easy… Something is going on I or the Bank don’t understand. Can you buy a ticket in someone else name (without any ID control) and return them for cash? Might it be the scam here?

In any case all the paperwork been sent, from Police report to the forms the bank asked for. And the girl at the customer service gave me to following:

  • They receive the reports
  • The money is returned
  • The investigation starts
  • If the investigation end up in this being my fault they charge the account again for the money they reimbursed from start

So let’s see what will happen, until some confirmation the upcoming days will be really poor once, living on my “Ticket Restaurant” (in Swedish: Rikskupong).


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