I thought this was a perfect morning to write a happy post on TGIF and how this day might, I say MIGHT, be a good day at work when colleagues take a day off after returning from the Conference this week.

Instead, arriving to Madeleine Church and Place de la Concorde you find yourself in the middle of a rehearsal for the National Day celebrations, so between Madeleine and Concorde I been stopped 3 times, asked to take another route when I was stopped for the second of the three, all to be stopped by military the third time.

And I promise you all the police who stopped me the second time only asked me to re-route and meet the military people, only did it cause he did not want to take a decision to let me in at work.

All this leaves me with the absurd love for parades the French have. As a Swede, who only see military parades in Stockholm when they change the guard at the Royal Palace (and really more for tourists than anything else) it is only stupid. Especially when they must close the city for rehearsals (and we have not seen the rehearsals with the planes yet.

OK, I buy it, it’s a cultural thing you must deal with cause it won’t change. But I hope, someday in the future, that the National day is more about celebration and fun than in this pompous way focus on a France that’s no longer here.

Also, todays weekly Corona report, we do not go in the right direction at the moment:

The Delta is taking over and also some news about the vaccines, Sweden will give a third and fourth injection from September to all vaccinated people whom been vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer, to fight Delta over winter. Where the 4th will be in combination with the normal flue vaccine.

I do not want that to happen, I seriously don’t want more vaccines at the moment – please….

So, I end this with what was my initial intension today, a huge TGIF


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