Parc Monceau

Todays power walk ended up in a few rounds at the fantastic Parc Monceau, and I returned home where the French homework waited. When a task in your life brings no joy only anxiety should you really carry on with it?

Learning French is still on my list, I really want to but the longer it takes for me to get this language gramma the more the anxiety level raise and I am more and more convinced that the way “Inlingua” learn languages is not for me. I actually so stressed each lesson so I can feel my blood pressure go up.

So, if Im not closer to the goal at the end of the year, I have to find another way to learn French. More classroom, more English – French tutoring (or even Swedish – French, much better). I need a book, I need to be allowed to ask questions in English (or Swedish) and get it explained in the same language I actually used asking the question. I need glossary books and I need to learn things I use or will use in daily life. Not how to speak to someone about Nordic Light.

And I really need friends to practice with, friends who can mix French and English, not only expats in Paris a few months and not planning to learn French. I need to find a group of French people loving the Eurovision Song Contest to meet up with and talk ESC, I need some kind of activity (call it a hobby) to do in a group. Cause seriously standing in a Bar talking shit and drinking beer is not a hobby, it might be an important thing in life but you do not meet people that stick.

This post kind of start to sound like a New Years promise… Oh scary, I do not like those at all.


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