Plan my week

So, next week is Conference week, and most of my co workers fly off to the Conference venue, which of course mean this week is like a boot camp with stressed staff and managers, all freaking out even if the routine is more or less the same as the passed years Conferences, only the venue changes.

So prepare myself for a hectic week and a slow one next week making room for catching up with tasks just piling up on the desk – actually the best thing with the Conference week since normally it’s only the managers going. Time to catch up, breath and hopefully meet the team again a bit fresher than the week before.

But as always, other things happening as well. Next week I am scheduled for the 2nd vaccine shot, and with the last time in mind I might be in bed with a fever from hell for a few days, which might add stress, not taking it away.

But it’s important. Looking now at South Africa closing again, as well as Sidney in Australia (winter in the south) and even if it is from low numbers, Israel report 40% of new cases already vaccinated. So this is not over yet.

In France, last year, summer was OK and new cases raised during winter again, so let us see. But it was like being knocked out when they closed the country after passed summers “opening”, so a third time? No, I’m not sure I will come out sane after that. At a point the world must say “OK, we can’t stop this”.

But today is the last Covid test arranged by the office, at least for a while. Then we will see.


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