I love fun projects, and since yesterday the fun project is VELO! Yes, arrived back home yesterday and finally we have a parking for bicycles in the house… I am over the top happy but still without a bike, but that is step 2, now I need to secure one of the 12 – 20 parking spaces in the house and pray to God people can behave so they don’t close it again in a short amount of time. Cause there is a risk for noise and upset neighbours.

And then of course, I need to buy a bike, and that is one part joy and one part anxiety (let us pass that bridge when we come to it), but ooohhhh Project.

Also arrived to work today before any one else, and I mean before any one else… So this is the first time I noticed that the door bell to make contact with someone to open the door is on the inside of the door. Only in France N’ est pas?

The door bell to get someone to open the door is on the other side of the door, glass door, so you can see it. Not at all irritating

I was also happy to see Edouard Philippe in the news, it might even end up in him going for the President post next year, amazing news if that will happen. But I’m not sure he is content with being called “Chouchou”? Seriously?


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