Even if I don’t have the answer, or handing out amazing prizes, I have a really interesting quiz on my blog today. Go wild and guess away, cause I am really curious…

Somewhere in the world there is a country where it is very dark mornings, no sunlight before 9h30 – ish, and in this country it is 100% normal to dress in a black tight tracksuit, without as much as a tiny tiny reflective devise on. It is like in the movies, camouflage yourself and go all in when it comes to a strange national sport.

When dressed up for playing the game, going out. Either walk around, invisible on the pavement, and now and then, run over the street to the other side without using the illuminated pedestrian crossing 5 – 10 meters away. Make it a sport to cross the street as many time as possible until reaching the crossing, when there… Finally… Walk against RED.

If there is a possibility cross the street where it is as dark as possible and why not just stop, and turn back?

This country also encourage the use of scooters, so the best thing for the track suit people is to buy or rent a scooter without any kind of light. So people on bikes and in cars actually can’t see them until they are max 2 meters away. This sport is even way more fun when the scooter is electric and fixed to go way faster than allowed.

The country I look for must have a deal with France so their citizens can move to Paris and there introduce this national sport to the French population.

If any of you now where in the world this country is and why they all end up in Paris when they move, please enlighten me.

In the meantime, it took ABBA 40 years to comeback, so we expect a second comeback in 2061…. The Abbatars alreay there…

Pic by: JLP @celebjacker27

Have a nice day


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