Said it before, and on repeat, 2021 summer is more or less a copy of my first summer in Paris – rain. All day or if showers, at least one on each day of the week.

Just a bit tiered of it to be honest, and its only the beginning of July, so let’s hope that summer stay longer instead, well passed October.

Beside that my employer put me in charge of some digital meetings this week. Me, the non hacker boomer will try to get the hang of it. Let’s see how many wrongs it is possible to make in a few 30 minute slots on line.

Also this week, Wednesday, Corona shot 2, then 14 days of stay put before I can start to act normal again. Unfortunately it do Fu** up my plan to go to Stockholm a long weekend 14th to 18th of July, so I’m no longer certain I will take those vacation days. Move them to the end of July when I already have a week make more sense.

Voila, let us see – sleep on it.


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