Ready for shot 2

So, this afternoon it’s time, shot 2, finally fully vaccinated and in 14 days I am free (if Delta not fu** things up). Museums, shopping malls, larger crowds of people surrounding me, easier to travel (Morocco, pls open up 100% soon).

But, I also know it might be two or three days of high fever and the feeling of giving me Covid instead of vaccinate against it. Last time, first jab, I ended up with over 40 degrees fever the first night and around 39 the day after and slighty over 37 the third day. But I hear people who had it worse with numb hands, arms and legs added to the fever – I am happy to not experience that. Fever is enough with a heart problem.

But, I get high fever also after the normal flue vaccine so its kind of how my body reacts I suppose.

And then we focus on Sweden for a while, today they vote again on bringing the Socialdemocrats and Green party to Govern Sweden, just after they voted against them a few weeks ago. So Sweden ends up with the same mess as we had before. At least there was hope for a few days. Mr Johan Hakelius managed to explain it all – unfortunately only in Swedish.

If Fokus or Mr Hakelius oppose me to publish this on my website just let me know and I will take it down.

And then the news that Big Foot, or the Yeti is in France, I actually run into him passed weekend.

Runnign into the Yeti in Paris “Place des innocents”

Take care,


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