Paris 2019 10 03

Reality strikes

Life in Paris – What can you say about it? For me, with a teenage dream to live here, it is amazing. Some days better than others. I live through the morning when it seems like all of Paris planned to leave home at the same time and the public transport system experience a overload of people. Those mornings are not fun and strange enough coinciding with the mornings when no Parisian have water enough to shower in the morning.

Other mornings, like yesterday, entering a almost empty bus number 21 and sit down just to feel how a moist crowding up from the seat, through my pants and hit the bare skin of my ass. Yes, the bus windows been open during the heavy rains and all the seats are soaked. To start your day like that is not good.

But then you have the days like today. Stepping of the bus at Opera and it hits you; I live in Paris. This amazing city.

Trying to visualize the feeling I made a decision to take a selfie in the elevator at work, supposed to be a “Life is good” selfie, and ended up looking as a piglet in box without an idea he or she is on the way to the butcher.

But still, I decided this will be a good day.

Have the same feeling folks, where ever you are at the moment.


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