After a Monday at home I checked some posts on Facebook and Instagram of really nice sunsets in Sweden and took a peak outside my kitchen window. At 20h15 it still looked like the attached photo whilst in Stockholm it got darker and darker, photo by photo. A reminder of whats coming up, the North European darkness and all what’s included. In Sweden, cold, winds and at the end snow for months and in Paris some snow now and then but rain rain rain and windy and no heat inside until the end of October.

So it hits me again how it was possible, a long time ago, that people migrated from sunny nice places and decided to stay in the shill of the Nordic… I can understand the bliss to stay there over the summer months but the crazy maniacs decided to stay over winter as well. Really? Not much of an IQ there.

But hopefully I will be able to enjoy Paris as my first year here, it was “sitting outside in the cafés” weather all September and a way into October. Amazing times when you are in a city like Paris.


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