Around 5 months from now I can actually retire, I can’t afford to retire but I can retire if I want to and if I think living under a bridge in Paris is the most romantic thing to do… Ever.

But fact is it’s time to think about a life after work. Moving to Paris was a 80s dream coming to life way too late in life, and I said a minimum of five years. Those years passed already and now I am in the strange situation to decide what to do next.

It makes sense, at least to me, to leave before my next rental contract is updated. Means in 2024, around 2,5 years from now. Actually less cause I need to give an answer if I sign up for three more years February March 2024.

If I decide to stay, I kind of sign up for staying in Paris, staying with the same company until the real retirement, and if I change employer it will be the last time cause no one will hire someone over 60.

So, stay? move back to Sweden? Try something new and nice and sunny? If this is what I want, I have to initiate this now, time passes faster than you think. But in a perfect world I will marry rich, get a base in Paris and a lot of vacation homes all over the world. Also a dream I should have pushed through in the 80s. Who will find a 95 year old, rich and ready to marry Moi today? Not many of them out there.


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