Romance talk

Lets end this week with some romance talk. Or how to turn a year 1964 into the mindset of a 2006 model…

Biology sometimes play tricks with us, as an example we have the age gap rule. Half your age plus 10 years is OK, under that… You are more or less a pedofile even if the object is over 35.

In and case a few weeks ago I by a huge coincident stumbled over the perfect match, my perfect match. All boxes ticked on the romantic side, all boxes unticked when it came to the age rule, where and how. A big no no and now we look at the “must be friends” zoned and forever “eyecandy” zone.

Which is OK, cause let’s be true, I really don’t want someone in my life full time – but it is irritating to be speak the truth.

So let’s go to Corona… New record for November 2021…

2021 11 21

And my cold? I will try to go back to the office tomorrow, let’s see if I will be asked to go back home after half a day… If they plan to send people home for a minor cold I will be working from home everyday until spring. I’m always with a cold in the winter.


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