Same, same but different

So, cause of a meeting this evening (one I, really not need to taking part of) I needed to plan a bit different today. No gym after work, but in the morning. Actually I arrived 2 minutes before the card started to work, extra points for dedication.

All went well, and as a nice surprise my company turned out to be Sting and Mylène Farmer…

Sting and Mylène Farmer “Stolen car”

Anyway, back home, turbo shower and try to be dry (stress after shower is a fungus infection in the near future) and bike to work.

Going to work in rush hour takes some planning, another route to be a bit more guarded (meaning broad roads, not the narrow ones). But it worked out well, even if I for some reason now have missed to stop the app on my watch when I arrive home or to work. Not good cause it change the daily calorie burning. Instead of 7 km in 20 minutes, 7 km in 1 hour and 20 minutes is not the same.

But all done, workout in the morning, bike to work, and still I’m first in place. But today I have to stay longer than 16h00. I guess the morning workout will be standard when we go back to original core hours.

So, that was this mornings struggle, let us now survive the day.


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