When things you usually love start to be boring, and I mean really boring, I need to rethink things. So what is it now? I will explain.

Normally, I love weekends, to not have anything planned, no “you must do” and a Saturday home, alone, doing nothing is a blessing. Not anymore. I have gone through most of the Netflix stuff I want to see and to much I actually don’t want to see at all.

I have tried, via find a way on how to cancel subscriptions I don’t want to be able to add new once (to add new channels is easy, but where the fu** can I cancel a subscription?).

If you know, please help me by looking at Orange website and tell me how I can cancel a subscription. For Orange it will be a plus, cause there are more packages I want to add, but only when I know how I can cancel if it’s not what I expected.

So now, home every day, trying to get some kind of routine through out the weeks (working) and do what on weekends? As happy as I am during the weeks to be alone at home (nightmare to have a family at home when you try to work) the weekends make you go crazy. To wake up in the morning thinking of manufacture a superhero costume to run the streets of Paris as “Corona man” just to do something is not healthy. But maybe it is healthy to try to change my body so it fit into a superhero costume, more “Captain America” body than “Barbapapa” body. So even if the superhero dream never will be a reality to return to work looking as “the Rock” might be sexier than the blob most of the stay ay home people will look like upon their return to work in… 2 or more weeks.

Have a nice weekend my peeps


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