So, as said, got my new power walk shoes, the old ones died a tragic death cause of overuse I guess. Used daily for 10 months was the lifespan – so same brand, new model.

And with the alarm tag still on the shoes, did not make a sound when leaving the shop so I needed to get back and they even had a little cue with people with tags on shoes. This since the shop, in this case Decathlon have a scan your shopping cart system. Meaning, you put all your objects into a box and its all scanned at the same time. And if a alarm tag is on anything the staff is supposed to turn up from nowhere and remove it after payment.

Obviously this is missed, a lot. But it all went well and I now have alarm free shoes and can start to them outdoors, or if I decide to save them until I start to go to the gym again. Let’s talk about that nightmare and planning later this week.

And, France now vaccinate 18 y.o. but look at Sweden:


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