So time for 2019 most played

So we finally reached the point when it’s time to award the “Björn Award” – without any red carpet or journalists. People kind of do not care at all when it’s time for the “Björnie”. But still, in my little world of lists I do them and have done so since the 80s. Crazy I know.

So, the most played songs 2019:

  1. So am i – Ava Max
  2. Better than me – Ten Tonnes
  3. L´escalier – The Pirouettes
  4. Vakuum – Orup
  5. Look back at it – A Boogie wit da Hoodie
  6. Goodbye – Jason Derulo & David Guetta…
  7. Ta main – Claudio Capéo
  8. How do you sleep – Sam Smith
  9. Uninivited – Freemasons feat Bailey Tzuke
  10. Happy Thoughts – Felix Sandman & Benjamin Ingrosso

And break this down in most played Swedish songs… (don’t ask why Azucar Moreno is in there, wrongly tagget)

And at the same time, we need to check to most played French songs in 2019…

And the fun thing with making lists of music right now is that it’s time for a 2010 – 2019 lists – but we do them tomorrow.


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