So today we go

This evening it’s the first semi final in Liverpool and Sweden is in it, as well as all other favorites to win (if not a Big 5 country). So the main question will be, which favorite with fall through and make a worse result than expected.

One of my favorites, Azerbaijan, is unfortunately among the 5 not likely to pass to the finals. Surprise to me is the fact that the journalist vote placed them last in semi 1. It’s kind of a typical music journalist song so I guess it is the fan magazine people who is there, who vote like the fans, who managed that poor result.

Apart from that, it’s a fu***** mess to not be able to take days off this week, when for once, the Eurovision not the same week as one of the big Conferences at work. Usually always the same week. But instead work managed to press in a lot of meetings I can’t say I seriously need to take part of, but must do it.

So, let’s see tomorrow how happy I am, or not.

Here are my views on the ESC songs this year, again…


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