So, Vacation over countdown

Today is the last day of “wake up without an alarm”, it must be set tomorrow so I will be in bed by a normal time for a workweek. But that is tomorrows problem.

Today the problem started on the scale, up almost 1,5 kilos during the staycation, went to the gym and experienced the worst pain in my right bone membrane I ever felt, so I could not speed up the treadmill, but I did one hour. No one say Im not stubborn.

But tomorrow I must stretch some before I start, I will never survive another hour on the treadmill with that kind of pain.

The rest of the day kind of passed fast. I have done nothing, still sitting here 19h30 thinking of a last evening out with a beer somewhere. Can’t go to my favorite place cause it’s closed in August. So we will see.

But it is a fact, back too work do not feel fun at the moment.


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