Sofa? Really?

My precious waterhole in the 18th district been closed down to get a facelift and now the new outdoor furnitures been installed – and they go for a green sofa?

I am 100% sure that it will be appreciated for a while, but in the long run? Vinyl gets cold, wet and I’m sure it will be mold after a while. But let us see, I am most curious if it is the latest owner doing it or if they change again. One thing Is sure, prices will go up.

Up is the new Covid cases as well

2021 11 28

And with the new virus type Europes gone completely loco. My trip to UK (work) was the first thing out of the window, and I guess restrictions will be tougher the upcoming weeks.

South Africa is the big no no at the moment, but Morocco and France also closed there flights yesterday, so my long needed trip there is postponed again. No Morocco in January.

And think about what you write in emails.


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