Somethings is hard to let go

As the headline today tell you, somethings îs hard to let go off. Like the Radio interview with Greta Thunberg who turned 18 a while ago.

In Sweden 18 is when you get of age to vote, drive, get married etc etc, you are a grown up, if you don’t want to buy a bottle of wine of course, then it’s 20… (Sweden is always fantastic… You can defend your country and kill people but not buy a bottle of alcohol).

In Gretas case it is even more interesting since she is the girl powerful politicians listen too, get inspiration from and try to please, at least in the eye of the media and voters.

So this, now 18 year old woman, have a lot to say and a lot of ideas to be spread world wide.

So think back, or into the future, what did you do when you turned 18, what was on your birthday wish list? A car, or money to take drivers lessons? A party for all your friends? Actually plan to move from home? Travel abroad without having your parents telling you it’s OK?

I can think of more things on the mind of a 18 year old, if the 18 year old not named Greta Thunberg…

01. This is what Greta got at her 18 year old birthday

02. “I got walnuts”

03. Kodjo (one of the shows hosts): “Only a bag of walnuts?”

04. “No, it was whole”

05. “Which was great fun because I’d say I would like to…”

06. ” …try to crack myself. So it was a great gift”

So what is so wrong here, cause no one would expect Greta to have a normal wish for birthdays or Christmases… What is disturbing is that she is 18 years old, a grown up whishing for walnuts so she can “try” too crack them. Again, 18 y.o.

The above is fine, but that powerful CEOs, famous people, Presidents and politicians actually listen to a person who lived 18 year without trying to crack a nut?

Add that environment Greta also got bubble wrap (plastic) and Brussels sprouts in her 18 y.o. birthday gift bag and from her father a t-shirt. We guess a new Antifa* t-shirt so Greta don’t need to borrow her mothers in the future.

Think about it for a while and try to picture it Golden Girls way and imagen the world we might live in when children like Greta will take over. Cause 18 or not, this is not normal what so ever, and “nut” in nutcracker can mean so much more than just a nut.


*) Gretas family posed for a picture dressed in t-shirts from the anarchist group Antifa, Gretas defence was “she borrowed the t-shirt from her mother”

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