Somewhat exciting but not

Swedish election

For you outside Sweden and actually found anything about the Swedish election in your news abroad the election turned out to be an exciting one, but at the same time not.

Most of the changes been expected, the big query was how much bigger will SD (Sweden Democrats get), would MP (The Green Party) manage to stay in the Parliament, how much smaller would the Socialists and Right wing be and how much bigger would the C (Center party) and V (Left wing) manage to grow.

So all the expected changes happened but the guesses on the + or – in % turned out to be way off. I won’t get into it too much but just point out what surprised me the most.

First of all both the Green Party and Socialdemocrats lost votes but not as much as it’s been expected. A huge surprise for me. The left wing and the Sweden Democrats gained votes, again far from as much as expected. I suspect they are winners but must be very disappointed at the same time.

The same for Centern and the Liberals who I am sure wanted to grow more than they did and then of course we have the KD (Christian Democrats) with only 2-3% before the election and in a few months gained votes and ended up doing their best election in years.

But it is at the moment still so tight so the votes coming from abroad (to be counted on Wednesday) will be the once deciding if there will be a Left or Right parliament in Sweden, with the Sweden Democrats having the balance of power IF anyone dare to negotiate with them. All of the others say no.

Another thing really surprising to me was the fact that the smaller partys, Fi, AfS and MED failed so much to gain votes. Instead the so called “övriga” (all besides the once already in the parliament) lost votes. In my book before I even though one of them might have had a shot at 4% and enter the parliament. But gosh was i wrong. Far from all of them of course but one of them.

So right now the Socialdemocrats, before the last votes been counted and even if it’s such a close race, try to stay in power. Not only stupid it is also a hunger for power only the Socialdemocrats in Sweden can show a year when they do their worst result in an election EVER.

So before Wednesday not much to add really.


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