Soon… Soon my friends

The head of today’s post of course refer to Melodifestivalen and at the end Eurovision. But let us first have a closer look at the image, a Ford but for us Swedes… Am I the only one thinking “Fazer”, maybe with some nougat?

Nevertheless, back to order. On Saturday the first semifinal of Melodifestivalen takes place, and as always it will be a test on how SVT will air the show this year. Will I experience problems or not, we will see. But then we look forward too, or not, 6 weeks of either a boring cavalcade of songs made for radio plays or actually something fun, new and interesting. But this year it looks like SVT decided that Felix Sandman or Mariette is what they wish to send. So we will see…

But Finland also kick off their selection, and they have a song already made to win Eurovision, “Cicciolina” by Erika Vikman.

It is the perfect storm in terms of Eurovision. Way out of line from what we see today in the contest when most songs sound alike since it is Swedes whom composed most of them. So Finland, go all in and vote for Erika to reach Eurovision.

The best thing is that Finland is in Eurovision semi final number 2, where France can televote so I can vote for her…

You can find the song on youtube linked HERE


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