Sorry for the late start

Been a while now, and I even think this is the first post 2021, so yes I should feel a huge amount of shame. But to be honest, what can you write daily at this stage of lock down? First curfew from 20h00 and then from 18h00, the most idiotic decision so far from the French Government and Mr Olivier Véran. I don’t think, or it kind of support one of my theories about the French people, they have any sense of impact assessment (I will explain more in a future post).

What impact in peoples life have the 18h00 curfew? First of all we still have to work our hours, so people get to work earlier and leave at the same time, result? Crowded Metros and buses, most noticeable in the afternoon.

Employers gladly sign the certificate so you can stay at work and be on your way home during curfew, without a thought that also stores and supermarkets close at 18h00, so to do any shopping you must be in the stores before 18h00, crowded again between 17h00 – 17h45.

And from what I remember it was crowded places we are supposed to avoid. This 18h00 curfew is only to try to show the French the Government do something cause the only result is that people are packed into crowded areas more. Something someone should have been able to tell Véran and Macron.

And to then say that sitting outside a café, OUTSIDE, is more dangerous than be packed together in the metro or a public bus is stupid and obviously not working. Cases do not go down, and how long has the cafés been closed now?

With that…

Have a nice day and take care.


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