Soufiane Ababri

So finally I found the site selling the new book from the artist Soufiane Ababri,

Buy on: Steidz

“La rose donne naissance….” – Each text in both French and English, together with his interesting paintings.

Let’s come back to the book later on when I have gone through it carefully. I hope I will like it as much as I like his pictures, even if they might be both provocative and a bit naughty.

At the same time in Sweden TV start a new show about power women, and cast… Yes famous women. Let me first say, yes I am sure they had a rough time being where they are today, so no shadow will fall on them for reaching the success.

But seriously, Single mother with 2 kids one with a some kind of illness or something is in my eyes more worth than sitting in the “Idol” jury or writing bad detective mysteries… And yes I know people will hate me for those comments.


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