Sunday 25th pf September 2022, the elevator was out of order and I needed to take the stairs, all 6 floors, up and down… Did 3 times before I checked the workout app on my phone and it said: “0 stairs today” – I can’t figure it out how the app calculate stairs, cause one day with no elevator give 0, but sometimes I get 20 stairs by just take a step from the street to the pavement.

The cold is not 100% yet, I feel better today, but it might be caused by the fact that I went to bed really early yesterday and rested some of it out. So who knows, after this mornings bike ride to work, through icebergs and drift ice, the cold might kick start it all again. And this week won’t be funny from the bike point of view. Rain all week, I can just hope it won’t rain in the mornings so I arrive to work more or less dry. But I do refuse to buy a Metro card for just 5 days left in September. If I made it through August and so far in September there is no reason to not go for the month.

I managed half through October last year, so hopefully it will happen now aussi. But it is colder out this year – so much for global warming.


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