Started off well

This day started with a nice morning, good workout, not too many cars on roads and then… Typical “Eeyore”, arrived to the office and the bike parking was sealed off. Note that it’s the company bike parking, so not the ones you find on the streets used by everyone.

No one knows why, but I can’t wait for an answer or go down to the common bike parking, around 10 minutes away, needed to start the day first. Then I can move the bike.

So now lets see if someone will kill me, or even more interesting, why? And why don’t they tell a day before? It’s like when it is strikes in Paris, HR send a message to tell us that we can work from home, and they do it in the evening before the strike. So most people miss it, cause they have left the office.

Anything good then? Yes, it is TGIF, I had today been to the gym and reached by objectives 390 days in a row. Feel free to celebrate!!!

Have a nice weekend now.



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