Step by step

So now we can start to see some lights in the tunnel, work start to plan for a return to the offices but at the same time I read in the news that the Mayor of Paris think things happening to fast. At least for kids, she do not want to open up schools at this stage.

So we will see, and even if work will tell us tomorrow what will happen next week, even if it is a few days before the state tells us which areas of France that will be red zones and still under some tougher restrictions.

But at least we can start to dream again, look forward, travel, make some other places of the world red. Asia and South America is in need of some attention I think.

As soon as we know most of the world will be able to visit again I will book a trip somewhere, I do not care if it is in 3 months or 12 months, just to have something to look forward too.

Take care


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