Stike – Continue

Now the strike start to get really stupid. In the beginning of last week people took days off or worked from home but it is obvious from today that some more of them need to be at work and can’t work from home. The few buses still running is crowded earlier than usual and people actually fight to get on them. The French politeness, includes a happy Bonjour is for sure gone.

I actually don’t know anyone who is included in the strike, and if it turns out I do know someone I will for sure and forever delete this person from the list of friends or if I am allowed to strangle them, slowly. I guess I won’t get such a permission so strike them from the Christmas Card list might be the weapon.

And to read what the city recommend, take a bike or a scooter, yes sure, the weather is really perfect to take a bike. It’s even hard to walk to work since the rain water in some areas is knee deep so you arrive to work wet in any case, and just thinking of how you will look after biking or riding a scooter… I get pneumonia just thinking of it. So let’s see if my employer this week actually will allow us to work from home cause I can’t do this much longer. And if it get’s just a bit colder I can at least blame my heart and be on sick leave.

Have a nice week folks


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