Strange morning

As you all know I always listen to Swedish radio in the morning before leaving for office (if working from home podcasts). No change in the routine this morning but all of sudden, for the first time since ABBA announced their comeback album no ABBA songs aired. Kind of used to hear the two released songs each morning now, but no… That news getting colder.

So, yesterdays workout… 30 minutes less than normal, but both rings been closed, movement and training.

When I leave later than normal, and for that reason workout later I get stressed and then I jump on the treadmill and start the powerwalk not at all relaxed. And of course I hurt myself. So it will be interesting to see how the workout sessions today and tomorrow (before my surgery) will work out. Cause I have to do the treadmill Friday morning, have no idea if I will be able to workout over the weekend after the surgery. Mostly cause I guess it might be a bit of a fever like the last time.

So that is my update of the day.


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