Sunday morning

Sunday morning, empty streets, the perfect scenario for going out and powerwalk, which I did this Sunday after an weekend with a bit too much to eat, so I must push harder the upcoming week to loose more weight.

And I think I will start already tomorrow with a gym visit before work, not only to exercise but also see if there are less people there in the morning than during lunch time. I can, if doing the biking in the morning take a powerwalk after work so I get closer to the exercise goal set to be hit at the end of September.

I must in some way start to plan how to this when Im back at the office when I can’t take the powerwalk during lunch hour. This will eat so much of my free time so Im not looking forward to it at all.

Apart from that Sunday included washing up, laundry, some tidy up and a lot of endless chats on internet. A very lazy Sunday.


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