Supposed to stay in bed today

We all got them, the days we most likely supposed to stay in bed. This is one of those days.

Shit weather, planned to take the bike anyway (if no rain in the morning I don’t care if it rains when I go back home in the afternoon) and be in good time at work to draft the new stock matrix so its finalized before we start to ship stuff via our new system.


First, alarm, alarm off and standing up it was clear the “crystal” thing in my ear is back. I wrote about it last year when I was unable to stand up cause it felt like I was locked into a merry go round, and I walked into things. Doctor fixed it using Epleys and the crystals was back in place. Until today, the world is spinning and I have vertigo now and then.

But again, decided to bike, early morning and almost no traffic, so even with a wobble I would survive. Carried the bike out to the street, ready to go and the chain was off. HOW is it possible, do chains just decide to fall out of place during the night – it was in place yesterday.

So now I have to find a time to take it to the bike shop and make them fix it, time I do not have. On the other hand I can set up the stock figures from home so I might be able to sneak out earlier and work late from home instead.

But I reached the Metro, all of a sudden late for the first time in history and ligne 13 was put to s stop. So no Metro for 20 minutes, and then of course some trains full, and in Corona times I do not enter into that kind of risk, so I waited until a “normal” train came and took me to my first change, Ligne 1.

Guess what, stand still even there and a metro station full of puke all over the floor – not nice at all to be honest.

And then let’s hope for a happy boss telling me its OK to leave work at lunch to fix my bike, colleagues who is in time so we can finalize the PPT for tomorrows conference presentation and then I will just have food and go to bed and hope this day never ever will come back


And I know… If a bike start to malfunction I will most likely experience this over and over. Thats life when I buy something and the world tells me it is a bad idea.

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