#SVTMelfest 2:a Chansen

So, finally the second chance contest, all the number 3 and 4 from the semifinals meet each other in duels for the 4 last spots in the final.

The duels are:

And looking at my iTunes statistics of play counts I have this:

So let us start with the four songs I think will pass through to the finals. Then I will guess:

  • “Surface”
  • “Ballerina”
  • “Boys with emotions”
  • “Piga och dräng”

But is it in line with what I want? Let’s see:

“Vem e som oss” and “Surface”. A hopeless party tune meet a soft ballad I actually don’t feel that much about. I would send “Vem e som oss” even if it’s not a good song, but please some Swedish language in the finals.

“Ballerina” and “Talking in my sleep”, These two songs have changed a lot in my mind since I heard them first. “Ballerina” going up and “Talking in my sleep” going down. I thought “Talking in my sleep” was a song that would be better just listen to it. But to my surprise I find “Ballerina” to be the one gaining on not watching it. So here I will send “Ballerina” to the finals (even if it never will be as good as Shanghais “Ballerina”).

“Boys with emotions” and “We are one” – two songs I really don’t want in the finals at all, but I pick “Boys with emotions” even if it is a song for hipsters playing latte daddies. The lyrics makes me go crazy.

Duel 4 is the opposite to duel 3, I want both in the finals. Even if “Vamos amigos” is much better seeing the act than on your playlist and “Piga och dräng” was a dissapointment from the semi. I like more Swedish lyrics in the finals, and I like some Spanish in the finals. But at the end… I pick “Piga och dräng” here, just cause of the language.

So, then we will see how it will go, but from what I understand this evening is not about the competition it is the show with the famous Swedish Melodifestivalen artists coming in to make this the TV event of the year. Let’s see.


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