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Can it be too much wine?

Yes, yesterday was not my finest moment to be honest. But I blame my friend who was late and made me drink wine without any food before he arrived… Not a good idea at the end of the evening. But it was good.

Saturday have so far been lovely, and I even finally got all my white t-shirts washed… Took too long. Hopefully I can remember to (remember = find the will) to do the rest of the laundry tomorrow at the laundrymat.

Also had a incident today, stand up to fast and dropped, right over my living room table, on my back wondering WTF I did there, and for how long???

C´est la vie.


2021 Retrospective

So how did 2021 treat you? Better than 2020? I thought so, cause I want to say “no” and I guess most of us say the same… The first lockdowns and regulations was actually easy, the second wave turned out to be shit cause all of us had one summer in freedom before it started again, and from their… 2021 actually never went 100% normal.

On top of that I managed to end 2021, the week with all the plans, locked up at home caused by Covid and in my case, Delta. You know the story, Negative on the 10th of December, positive 13th of December and the 23rd, to turn negative again on the 28th. All the days, with plans, from the 17th of December until the 29th spoiled. Not what’s needed for charge to enter into a January at work with SO much to do and fights to fight.

Let us say I enter 2022 with the same feeling as ending 2021 – “What is this shit”.

But how was 2021 then? Started well, the three first months was actually positive and some kind of future glowing at the end of the tunnel. And I say that even if it was snowing in Paris, enough to stay on the ground even. Nightmare to be honest. Why no one have built a huge roof over all countries in risk for snow remains a mystery. After the 3 months I have no idea what happened but life took a U turn, mainly the work situation, and still there…

May, I bought a bike, best thing ever. I also guess it was the step to take to not catch covid before I entered the Metro again in December. But fact is, mindset from Sweden, you do not bike in winter. So “Laila” (the bike) is now under cover in the courtyard. But I might change the mindset and actually give her a makeover and fix some things on her to work in winter as well. But clothing is the big problem to cycle wintertime, not the vehicle.

I also got in a good, boring but good, wave of actually get a gym routine, which of course was trashed when I watched covid. Will start 2022 trying to get back to the mindset of diet and treadmills. I was SO close to the goal so giving up or more correct “stop to care” is most likely the correct option.

On the travel front not much news, Brussels and Geneva, both cause of work. I need 14 days on a beach, alone, with a book and just burn in the sun, get back red and get 1000 unwanted advises not to stay in the sun.

2021 also turned out to be the second year when my brother needed to cancel his 50 year birthday party, so I guess that won’t happen either. I also managed to not go to Sweden at all… Not actually so sad as it sound, more stress and bad conscience to not have been there, but at the same time to blame covid for not going been acceptable for everyone. “I don’t want to” is tougher to get as an approved reason.

I also managed to secure tickets for Mylénes “Never more” concert. Not received them yet, but I got an email that the sending of the tickets is delayed cause the staff posting them can’t work as normal caused by Covid.

That said, 2021 turned out to be a shit year, actually worse than 2020 (looking at my own life). Let us see what 2022 will bring us. The start with mandatory home working is good, then we will see what the new management will do about the situation. I hope for a more modern view of working, kind of drag my workplace into the 2020s, even if it is kicking and screaming. Take French worklife and shake it up a bit.

But the first 3 months is destined to be a nightmare – thanks heaven I still live in Paris which actually right now is what doing it all bearable.

A 2021 Gallery

New test done

So, it took a bit over 1 hour and 15 minutes in the rain before I even got in to the test place this morning, and then a new waiting area before test which took around 1 minute.

I wonder, I often wonder, what people are doing when it’s their turn… Today at the test place, what did the guys before do in there for 5- 10 minutes for a nose swab?

At the post office, in the line to get a package, how can it take 2 minutes for me and 20 for the person in front of me? Lifes little mysteries.

Result expected tomorrow, and if it’s still positive I go crazy, actually I will regret doing the tests and ask myself “Why did you not go out after the first 10 days”? Cause according to the rules, as they are now, I could go out after 10 days without new tests. But I am happy to have the doctors appointment on the 3rd.

Do you also remember when Olivier told us that no restrictions will be lifted until we were under 5000 cases a day. Now we are up to 179807 and everything is open… Of course, and thanks heaven, it’s cause of the vaccine and less really sick people. But still… Also 14 days sick leave have a huge impact on the economy (and a lockdown will have a huge impact on next years election of course).


King of pop all day

Today passed with only Jackson, have no idea why… Not a huge fan, I like some songs a lot, others not at all… But, all day, Michael Jackson on repeat.

And of course we waited for the French new restrictions, but that was to hope for, or be afraid of, too much. It was… We will soon come back with more information, but again… The best with a world with Covid is to see Olivier Veran on TV.


No answer at 19:19

Just wait for the results of the PCR test done today. It lingers, so I guess it will be a positive result, it always takes longer when its positive, I guess the make a re-test if it is positive. But still not know. So maybe I can tell you tomorrow.

Beside this I been in the winds of gossip today, with plans, what will happen, how will they re-arrange the workplace, who will be in charge etc etc. When the new Presidents crew invades the offices.

A date been communicated, the 12th of January, they will be there, taking over and people are singled out to be one of the ones staying or getting fired.

All gossip, all creating the staff to be nervous wrecks.

But like the PCR test, we know nothing right now.

Have a nice “dan före dan”, tomorrow Swedish Christmas, yes 24th is the right day to celebrate Christmas.