Etikettarkiv: 2023

Wake me up before you go at 17h00

Things really start to get dangerous in the streets now. Trash building up on the pavements so people must walk in the streets, streets under renovation (all over Paris) so there is only one lane open, taken up to 1/4 of “bike lane”.

Add burned, still smoking, trash in some areas… Today I managed to run over a stick, maybe part of some kind of pallet before it burned, and it went up in the air and almost hit the bike behind me. Nice if she got it in the eye or something.

All that and also add the fun fact that yesterday, going home, I inhaled two bugs of some sort. I guess they multiply in the trash piles.

So that’s my life at the moment – how is yours?


Welcome back

So finally the garbage collectors turned up again on my street! Kind of the most happy reunion ever. Not so sure they are happy though, in their white protective suits, top to toe white plastic overalls, not sure they protect them against angry rats… But against filth I am sure it will give some protection.

At the same time new demonstrations been announced on Thursday, even if the vote against Macron is today, and he won’t loose. I will look like a fool if the Republicans will vote against him. So there might be protest even today, smaller ones. We will see. But Thursday for sure. More burning cars in the streets.


TGIF – New game

Happy TGIF, and for some of you, Happy St Patricks day weekend!

But the big announcement today is a new game, of all sick once I already made up during my bike ride to work…

This is called “Accidents with scooters”.

  • Scooter comes to a hard stop cause of a pothole the driver can’t see when the pass you in high speed. Points based on injury, nationality and amount of people using the scooter at the time.
  • Scooter turn over when trying to take a curve in high speed. Extra points if the at the same time try to pass on the inside of another vehicle. Of course more points if the end up under the said vehicle.
  • Scooter fall, driver jump up and look like “did anyone see that, I’m OK”
  • Scooter driver in suit and it suddenly start to rain really, really heavy.
  • Police actually stop a scooter breaking the law – seriously HIGH points and the hardest to get. Similar to getting a checkmate in chess, Yatzy in Yatzy or “only bacon” in Throw the pigs”.
  • Scooter driver try to “jump” up on the pavement using their scooter and come to a hard stop and a credit at the denstist.

The game is new so rules still under development.

TGIF on you all.


17eme vs 18eme

First, why a car? Cause it is the best color on a car you can get. Remember that.

Then why the 17, 18? Cause it is a bit absurd at the moment. I live at the edge of the 17th district in Paris, so pass the street and I am in the 18th district. And now it’s garbage collection strikes going on. But the 18th have a private company to do their garbage collection. So daily the truck comes and collect all garbage on one side of the road, and the other look like a war zone, or a Manhattan for rats.

I seriously think today was the final day for me to find a any opening to take the bike from the pavement out on the street. Most likely, tomorrow, I need to roll to the crossing before I can get the bike away from the pavement. Then from there, soon people won’t be able to use the pavements.

So is Paris, how is your hairday?


The smell reach Sweden

Aftonbladet today, Link!

Yes the garbage strike reached Sweden today. Both the tabloid Aftonbladet and the morning radio show talked about it, and kind of ended up in “rats”.

But I still try to not sneak out more than one garbage bag a week. And today we will see, the garbage guys union will decide if they will go back to work. Hopefully yes. Cause it’s not nice. Not as bad as the rat problem around the Eiffel tower though.


A surprise

All of a sudden Azerbaijan release their entry to the Eurovision 2023, and what a surprise? The song is not what the country usually send, and it is good even outside the Eurovision bubble. Congratulation to TuralTuranX and their song.

Listen here

Beside that, I am very very tiered of the garbage man strikes as well as cold winds in Paris at the moment. We do not like, at all.


Monday again then…

And I been told that I did not write anything about Melodifestivalen 2023 the past weekend.

And it’s true, maybe cause it’s not much to write home about. The expected song won, and my personal reflection is that as a performance the act is amazing and not a bad song to send to Eurovision, but at the same time the song is nothing special, maybe a copy from a Spanish song (let’s see if they will report it) and I still don’t like the performer.

Swedish song here.

Not much to say now until all countries songs been heard.